Hornchurch Lidl set to Scrap No-Right Turn

An application to allow customers using Hornchurch Lidl to enter the store by turning right from Hornchurch Road has been recommended for approval by Havering Council planners this Valentine’s Day.

The controversial ‘no-right’ turn was introduced in May 2018 and has since caught out over a thousand motorists, with many drivers complaining of poor and inadequate signage.

Lidl will now seek the permission of the Planning Committee this Thursday (14 Feb) to allow motorists to turn into the store from both directions.

The full report can be viewed HERE.

  1. Will cause chaos during peak times of the day also traffic coming out of road opposite

  2. Doubt that will be approved must be a right money spinner for the Council

  3. Surely if they approve it people will be demanding a refund

  4. Shouldn’t been allowed!!! One of the conditions they were allowed there was because of the “no right turn” rule! It will cause chaos in the high street if this is now allowed.

  5. So what was the outcome on the 14th?

  6. Hi All,

    Any update on this “on right turn”.. I got 2 penalty notice at this point. Any way we can take this to the Havering council.

  7. They have taken down the No Right Turn signs so looks like it is going ahead.. wonder if they will refund all the fines…

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