Howard Road Right Turners

Back in 2016 the Council was given powers to enforce Moving Traffic Contraventions (eg no right/left turns, no-entry, etc). For the 2017 calendar year, 844 Penalty Charge Notices have been issued for vehicles turning right out of Howard Road into Station Road, averaging about 70 per month.




  1. Nice easy earner for tbe Council !

  2. More likely a safety and free flowing traffic issue. Hitting people in the pocket might, just, make them obey the law. I like cynicism, but when it comes to traffic rules and the council coffers it feels a lot like moaning because it is inconvenient to some. Just follow the rules or accept the consequences quietly when you get caught being anti-social and breaking the law.

  3. The arrow on the road shows left only, but surely you can drive to the road straight across legally. It’s misleading and confusing.

    • Yes, but the sign is very clear that it is a no right-turn – if a sign has a red circle then it is a traffic order.

    • In practice Branfil Road isn’t straight across. Traffic is going left then right.

  4. It’s been a no right turn for many years. All you have to do is go down St Lawrence Rd and then you can turn right.

  5. It is clear and understandable during busy hours but I think it shouldn’t be 24 hours operational

  6. As a resident of Howard Road, this is the best thing the Council have done in years. It stops motorists trying to cut off the St. Mary’s Lane traffic signals.

    All they need to do now is fine the people sat at the end of the road in cars with their engines running, waiting to pick up commuters whilst spewing out their poisonous fumes and then crack down on the drivers that think Howard road is a dual carriageway.

  7. What year was the no right turn first introduced? I believe it was in 70s but can’t recall exactly.

  8. I went straight over here today’s guys worried I’m going to get a a fine does anyone know ?

    • Dear Anna,

      You are fine if you went straight over into Branfil Road.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

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