Illegal waste dumping at Damyns Hall Cottages

Upminster Ward councillors recently became aware of large amounts of waste that had appeared in the front and rear gardens of one of the houses at Damyns Hall Cottages, Aveley Rd, Upminster. A number of residents also noticed this and reported it to councillors.

Ward councillors immediately reported the matter to Havering Council, who gave the following reply (which they have authorised for publication) – 

‘The property came to the Council’s attention a few weeks ago, following receipt of complaints that the owner was burning large amounts of waste materials in the front garden. On investigation, it was found that a relative of the owner of the property was advertising for waste to dropped off at the address, for him to dispose of.

We know that the Fire Brigade (LFB) have visited on several occasions. Environment Enforcement Officers served a Community Protection Notice (Warning) and progressed to a Community Protection Notice.

Officers have been in regular contact with the Fire Brigade, Environment Agency and the individual concerned. We have now been made aware that the owner of the property has sadly passed away and are now dealing with the Executor regarding the clearance of the waste as a priority.

In the meantime, unfortunately, the waste will remain on site and will be monitored by the Council’s Environment Enforcement Officers in conjunction with the LFB.’

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  1. Don’t believe a word this local authority tell you.
    These 120 year old once picturesque cottages in ancient surroundings have been totally ignored by Havering Local Authority.
    1) A large aircraft hanger was built without any permission. Local residents have complained but the owner of the airfield has been given the go ahead to proceed by the “inactivity” of Havering Local Authority. Eleven years of ignoring local residents and refusing to apply planning law contraventions.
    2) Aeroplanes and Helicopters landing and taking off in the early hours, ignored by police and council.
    3) Festivals and Rock Concerts. Despite the local authority being in dispute with the owner of the airfield over planning contraventions, it is not unusual for the mayor of havering to “visit” the on going activities.
    4) Drug taking and anti social behaviour. Using gardens as toilets, fighting, abuse, disposal of rubbish, theft, drug drop off points.

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