Keep Havering Tidy

Why is it that we have groups of young people having to go around picking up other people’s rubbish (see previous article)? Why do people throw their chewing gum on the floor? Why do smokers through their butts on the floor? And why do we have dog owners that allow their dogs to foul on the public footpaths and parks where our children play?

Ignorance appears to be bliss, however at the end of the day the reality is this comes at a cost to all of us. Not only is it visually unattractive, there are health risks, blockages to drains, cigarette butt water pollution and the financial clean-up costs!

An article in Country File suggested £7m is spent on clearing up litter and £56m on removing chewing gum from pavements a year. What other things could we be spending this money on rather than literally throwing it away? We all have to take a responsibility to make where we live as pleasant and healthy as possible and we all need to think how we can make things better.

Councillor Gillian Ford

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