London Ambulance Service partnership with Macmillan

Since August 2018 Macmillan (whose nurses are renowned for providing end of life care) have funded a two year programme to improve the palliative and end of life care provision delivered by the London Ambulance Service (LAS).

Amongst other things, in their first year they have:

  • Delivered end of life education, in mandatory training to 93% of staff.
  • Collaborated with external agencies to deliver bespoke communication and bereavement courses.
  • Worked with ambulance clinicians to understand, encourage and monitor the use of Coordinate My Care (CMC) plans in the pre-hospital setting, to better inform the care delivered.
  • Connected with hospices and palliative care teams across London to create new appropriate care pathways and worked collaboratively towards developing a 24-hour advice service from specialists for this patient group.
  • Engaged with multi-agency partners to consider an effective, timely response to expected deaths.
  • Reviewed and responded to incidents relating to inappropriate resuscitations, CMC utilisation and avoidable expected death conveyance. These have informed the direction of education.

In the next year they plan to continue this work and expand it into other areas.

If you require further information, the LAS department working with Macmillan can be contacted via

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