Lower Thames Crossing Consultation Events

The proposed Lower Thames Crossing will have a significant impact on many parts of our area. Highways England have announced a series of consultation events to present the revised and updated plans for the crossing and how it will impact upon local areas.

The meetings are as follows and all are encouraged to attend:

17 November (Noon to 6pm)

New Windmill Hall, St Mary’s Lane, Upminster


22 November (2pm to 9pm)

St Mary Magdalene Church, Church Lane, North Ockendon

More information about the proposals will be published on Wednesday 10 October and will appear on this website.

A statement from Highways England reads as follows:

Some 47,000 people had their say in a previous consultation on the proposals – a record for a UK road scheme – leading to a preferred route announcement in April 2017 by Transport Secretary Chris Grayling. Now, Highways England is seeking views on an updated, more detailed design which aims to maximise the project’s huge benefits in creating a new route between Essex and Kent, relieving pressure on the existing Dartford Crossing and adding extra resilience to the road network. The updated plans also include significant changes to minimise the impact on local communities and the environment.

The ten-week consultation will start on Wednesday 10 October and run until Thursday 20 December.

Tim Jones, Project Director for Lower Thames Crossing, said:

“A new Lower Thames Crossing is a once in a generation opportunity for people in Kent, Thurrock and Essex, significantly improving journeys, connecting communities and boosting the economy. This consultation is an important opportunity for people to share their views on our proposals and help shape the Lower Thames Crossing. I am looking forward to hearing what people think.”

There will be 25 public information events are being help across Kent, Thurrock and Essex, as well as and 30 visits to local communities to help people understand more about the proposals and put any questions directly to the project team. At each event, specialists will be on hand to explain the proposed route, how it would be built and operated, and how Highways England plan to minimise the impact on the local environment and community. All information will also be available online.

Details on how to take part in the consultation can be found HERE.

  1. Hi
    I was hoping yo take part in this, but the link in this page takes me to a page with only two words “link disabled”
    Any chance you provide and alternative way to register?
    Thank you

  2. What,if any,will be the usage charging mechanism? Free as in Scotland? Toll booths to avoid the broken APNR system which routinely misreads even UK number plates let alone non-UK plate avoidance ?
    The existing crossings’ capital costs were recovered many years ago and still there is this dodgy charging which was sneakily changed to be like a congestion charge resulting in more people “just paying up” even when no charge should have been incurred.

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