Lower Thames Crossing drop-in events

National Highways (the new name for Highways England) have announced a series of public drop-in events, to provide an update on the Lower Thames Crossing project proposals. They say that this will include information on proposed new or improved paths for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

The first of these events will be held between 4-8pm on Wednesday 16 February 2022 in the New Windmill Hall, St. Mary’s Lane, Upminster.

For further information see the National Highways Lower Thames Crossing website.

  1. This reads like an advert for the Lower Thames Crossing!
    These are yet more propaganda events being run by National Highways.
    They highlight ‘improved paths for walkers…’ but make no mention of the catastrophic damage to the Climate and Local Environment and the monstrous fiscal cost to taxpayers;
    – 5 MILLION tonnes (minimum) of Carbon Emissions.
    – Massive increases in local traffic emissions, Air,
    Noise and Light Pollution and 7 years of severe
    disruption to traffic in this area.
    – £8.2 BILLION (minimum) of taxpayers money for less
    than 14 miles of needless road (Smart Motorway in
    everything but name).
    It would be good for National Highways to actually present an honest and balanced view.

    • Dear Karen,

      The above website entry is simply intended to provide information on the forthcoming local information event. It is important that as many people as possible are aware of it and can attend if they wish. We have posted entries on the subject over forty times since our website was created in 2016.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

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