Lower Thames Crossing- Update

Upminster Councillors Linda Hawthorn and Ron Ower have now met up with Highways England (Councillor Linda Van den Hende was unable to attend due to Mayoral duties) on a number of occasions.

On the 31st July, several residents from North Ockendon also joined us to discuss Highways England proposals and look at alternatives – in particular, suggestions from local residents. Sadly, accommodation was limited and we could only have around eight local residents. With this in mind, Highways England are currently looking to have a drop-in session in North Ockendon. We will advise residents of this on our website. We have also asked Highways England to hold a drop-in session in Upminster.

Cllr Ron Ower


  1. Sorry for the local residents but this scheme just has to happen…..
    The tunnel/bridge are totally inadequate and another crossing just has to happen.

    • Yes, I agree Jim, but there were other routes, and they could have been done within 2-3 years. This route will take up to 10 years to be built, and the problem is there now Linda Hawthorn

  2. They really need to look at option A again as the consultation was flawed. Agree it should be done asap but the current northbound crossing delays is caused as the tunnels aren’t tall enough so by replacing them with tunnels fit for purpose saves people’s homes and the green belt.

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