Don’t Forget – Have Your Say on Mayor of London Housing Targets for Havering

The Mayor of London has released his ‘London Local Plan’ which aims to build 650,000 households by 2029, with Havering earmarked for 18,750 (1,875 per annum) over the decade – 60% more than the figure recently included in the draft Havering Local Plan! A figure which is much higher than the 1,170 per annum that Havering have built into their draft Local Plan, which is set to be examined in the new year.

The target figures used by the Mayor, which are the same as the proposed figures suggested by the Government using a new formula, aims to create 65,000 new households a year up to 2029.

Targets set for nearby councils are:

  • Greenwich (3,511 pa)
  • Barking & Dagenham (2,264 pa)
  • Redbridge (1,979 pa)
  • Waltham Forest (1,794 pa)
  • Newham (3,850 pa)

It is a huge concern that a simplistic and unrealistic formula is being used to impose arbitrary targets on local councils. Our borough is over 50% green belt and these target figures are simply unsustainable and unrealistic. More homes are needed, but so is the corresponding infrastructure – such as schools, medical centres and transport to create a sustainable community which retains the character of our borough. This new target is an increase of 60% on the previous figure, which was challenging enough to deliver. I would recommend that people take the opportunity to respond to the consultation as below:

The consultation runs from 1st December 2017 until 2nd March 2018.

  • Online, using the online consultation tool (available from Monday 4th December)
  • By email to (put London Plan in title bar)
  • Or by mail to:  Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London), New London Plan, GLA, City Hall, London Plan Team, Post Point 18, FREEPOST RTJC-XBZZ-GJKZ, London, SE1 2AA

The Draft London Plan can be viewed HERE.

  1. Mr Kahn can do one.

  2. This mayor needs to be in the real world. Will all these houses be social housing, if so who is going to pay for them, also could our benefit system pay the rents ?

  3. We need to build more homes but just Not anywhere near my house.

  4. The Mayor is a joke,we don’t need or want any more houses.We haven’t got enough schools,hospitals, police. All the police stations are closing down and can’t cope. We haven’t got enough roads or parking to take any more traffic.We haven’t enough Doctors to take any more. He should keep his nose out. In any event any houses built would not be for our residents they would be more strain on all our services,waste disposal,postal services.Also the Fire Bdigade In fact every thing. The mayor wants to keep his nose out and be sacked.

  5. Where are these homes going!we cant get doctors appointments now.! have only one hospital because the rest have been turned into housing estates already. This is madness

  6. No thought.. just all numbers. Need for affordable houseing is obvious.Before anything we need infrastructure.
    Transport hospital schools etc.. the list is endless.
    Police.. The amount of people hanging about the streets of Hornchurch with drugs..
    There not bothered.. no police to stop them.
    Cars speeding around like there on race tracks.. matter of time to people are killed.
    Wingletyle lane a prime example…
    So before we spend on extra houses how about sorting the real problems out first….

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