Missed rubbish collections in Cranham and Upminster

Havering Council reported that there were around a dozen roads in Cranham and Upminster that did not have their rubbish collected this Thursday (21 May), plus around 25 sets of flats. Also, a large number of roads did not have their green bins emptied. Hopefully they have now all been collected but if yours hasn’t, whether it is a whole street or a single household, you can report it online to Havering council via this link.

Please remember that due to the Bank Holiday, all collection days next week are one day later.

  1. 49 Coniston Avenue no rubbish collected in the whole road.

    • Dear Mr Higgins,

      Many roads were missed out yesterday (11 Feb 2021) due to the snow and ice. Hopefully your road has now been collected but, if not, please report it via the link.

      Cllr John Tyler

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