Mobile Testing Unit at Upminster Station car park

Havering Council have announced that a Mobile Testing Unit (MTU) for COVID-19 is being opened up in Upminster Station car park. Testing will be available to all, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic.

The opening hours of the MTU will be from 10am-3pm daily. It is anticipated that it will be open every day for the first week and then move to every third day from then onward.

For further information and to book a test visit the Havering Council COVID-19 testing webpage.

  1. Hi is this unit at the Upminster Station car park still doing tests? it looks like the post was put up on 18th Jan 21 but in the text it states open for 1 week then every 3rd day onwards but it doesn’t state what day from? (or date).

  2. Dear Linda,

    Updates on all testing sites within Havering are currently available via (see the ‘Mobile Testing Units’ section). If the link does not work, go to and search for ‘covid-19 testing’.

    The site within Upminster Station car park is still shown as operating and currently (09 February 2021) shows the opening times below –

    Open 10am to 3pm

    Thursday 11 February
    Saturday 13 February

    Cllr John Tyler

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