Multiple Visits to Gerpins Lane – Update

As reported earlier, the East London Waste Authority (ELWA), who manage the refuse and recycling centres in Havering (Gerpins Lane), Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham and Newham have introduced a system whereby visits are restricted to 7 per month. For more frequent visits customers are asked to visit and fill in the form or call 01708 434343.

ELWA say this is to restrict the level of commercial waste which enters the site and not designed to prevent visits from genuine customers. While we can understand that Council Tax payers shouldn’t have to subside commercial businesses, we are concerned over the lack of communication, cost of the system, delays at the gate as some users are refused entry, equalities impact and the potential that it simply increases fly-tipping. We have formally asked these questions and have now received an official response, as follows:

  1. Has a cost benefit analysis been undertaken to identify the potential costs saved against the cost of undertaking this exercise? The costs are being borne by ELWA’s Contractor, Renewi. As such, a cost benefit analysis exercise was not carried out. However, monitoring will be carried out to measure the benefits of having the system in place.
  2. How much will this additional service cost? As above, there will be no additional cost to ELWA/the Constituent Councils.
  3. How many staff will it take to oversee this process? There are no additional staff at the Recycling Centres, and currently administration support is being provided by existing LBH staff.
  4. What is the expected time-frame from submission request to response? This has already been the subject of numerous complaints to councillors from residents as being very lengthy or receiving no response at all.Turnaround times on the forms is two working days. Further work is being carried out to ensure that the online form is as efficient as possible to limit further contact and ultimately time to amend the system to allow entry.
  5. Has an Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) been undertaken in respect of the new arrangements? No, this was not considered when the system was introduced and not raised as a requirement in a subsequent review. The requirement for an EIA will be reviewed.

Levels of fly-tipping will be monitored.

We have also asked for the rationale of 7 visits per month, as opposed to 8 or 10.

We shall continue to keep residents updated.

Your Upminster & Cranham RA Cllrs

  1. I think it is disgusting that we are only allowed 7 visits a month especially now we have our cutting back season coming up for some people that has a lot of trees/plants that have to be cut back means more trips than ever
    We pay out rates which is not cheap so I think the residents should not be subject to this visit limitation

  2. Has a study been done comparing the cost-effectiveness of this plan against the cost of removing rubbish that has been fly-tipped? I doubt that fly-tippers, even if caught (rarely), pay the fine; has this also been taken into account?

  3. I stopped having a green bin as the price increased and we couldn’t always fit everything in the bin, we live South side of Upminster so thought it would be easier to take the cuttings there each week than smelling in a green bin out the front. But with all the cutting back hedges and borders I might go 3 times in one day! It shouldn’t be 7 visits a month, but say 80 visits over a year. Or a much longer period of time to allow for weeks/months when people might not visit the centre at all.

  4. It’s not just a dump, it’s a recycling centre. Recycling is all over the news at the moment and we are all trying to make sure we are dealing with our rubbish responsibly… aren’t we? Therefore, why are seeing a decision that creates an obstacle to recycling? Soon I guess we’ll only be allowed to visit car park recycling bins a small number of times a month as well.

  5. Ridiculous. 7 trips in a Ka versus 7 trips in 4 wheel drive. Also women generally make more trips due to their physical strength in carrying waste.

  6. How will they actually decide whether you have made seven trips a month? Will they stop you on the gate if you’re on number eight and expect you to reverse out with cars behind you?
    Does a red light go off somewhere on their checkpoint based on your number plate?

  7. well I paid a visit to gurpins lane tip on Monday I drove in and bang the high restriction bar had been put up

    no early warning signs and the damage to the roof of my vehicle

    managements reply didn’t you see the bar no I didn’t my vehicle is under the 3 half-ton limit

    date was 22/03/21

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