New Parking Charges in Upminster & Cranham

Despite widespread opposition, the new car park and street parking charges have now come into operation across Havering.

Locally, in Upminster and Cranham, at least one car park and many of the street parking meters have not yet been changed over to the new charges, but this could alter any day from now onward.

However, there is some confusion, particularly over the Front Lane car park in Cranham Village. This will continue to have free 30-minute parking (although charges for a stay of over 30 minutes has risen).

For details of On-street parking charges across Havering see this link.

For car park charges in Upminster see this link.

For charges in the Front Lane car park, Cranham see this link.

Your Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association councillors will continue to campaign for these unfair new charges to be reversed, before they have a chance to cause lasting damage to the shops and businesses in Upminster. 

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  1. Why have we got so many roadworks at the same time,st mays lane!clay Tey Road,Corbets Tey Road Upminster is at a standstill,

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