Parking Across Driveways – Updated Guidance

Inconsiderate motorists who block driveways are a persistent cause of complaint; however the circumstances in which any kind of enforcement can be applied has often been hazy. In order to give a definitive guide of what can and can’t be done, the following updated guidance should be helpful.

The Traffic Management Act 2004 states that to park across a dropped kerb is a parking contravention for which a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued. In Havering we only regard “unfriendly” parking across a dropped kerb as a parking contravention.

Put simply, if you park in a part of a road where there is a dropped kerb you are committing an offence UNLESS you have the permission of the owner of the property, or properties, using that dropped kerb.

It’s all about good manners – respecting the right of property owners to gain access to their homes and in places near schools, it’s about the safety of vulnerable children.

It is not OK to obstruct communal entrances, for example, a driveway leading to a block of flats that may need to be accessed by emergency services or rubbish collectors.

Important: The policy described in this leaflet applies in the London Borough of Havering – different rules may apply in other boroughs.

The Council have issued a useful leaflet setting out the guidance, with helpful examples, which can be viewed at DRIVEWAY PARKING

If you need to report an incident please click HERE or by telephone at –

Office Hours Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm; 01708 432 787

Out of Hours – On all Days until 10pm on each day; 07946 738 495

Please bear in mind when making contact out of hour’s that your call will be taken by the officer on duty who may be driving or otherwise engaged. This may mean that the phone not be quickly answered or your call going to voicemail. If your call goes to voicemail then please leave your contact details and the officer will respond to your message as soon possible but please be patient.


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