Parking tickets in Roseberry Gardens

Cranham Ward councillors have been contacted by a number of residents who have received penalty charge notices for parking their vehicles with two wheels on the curb in Roseberry Gardens, Cranham. This follows the pavements being relayed last year and marked ‘on kerb’ bays not yet being repainted.

The issue in this road is that many sections of the roadway are too narrow for vehicles to park wholly on the road and still allow larger vehicles, such as refuse vehicles, to be able to pass.

Cllr Gillian Ford took the matter up with Havering Council last year and was promised that any changes to parking in Roseberry Gardens would be made known to residents, which has not taken place, and that the council agreed that the reinstatement of the markings had taken too long. She was also promised that no enforcement against vehicles parked with two wheels on the kerb would take place until the matter had been sorted out.

She has now contacted the council again asking the following –

  • Why were information letters not sent out to residents, as previously indicated by the council?
  • What reimbursement will take place for those that have already been ticketed?
  • What is the confirmed completion date of the re-marking?

We will keep residents updated on this website and in the Bulletin when we have further news.

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