Pay & Display Machines to be Replaced

Following the recent failures of several Pay & Display machines in the area, the Council have decided to take the following steps in order to deal with the issue and to also provide some clarity about enforcement where machines are not working:

  • The Pay & Display Machines in Corbets Road Tey Road (x8) will be taken out of service immediately until new replacements are installed. Notices will be placed on each machine.
  • Until the new machines have been installed there is no requirement to purchase or display a Pay & Display ticket
  • There will be no parking enforcement carried out at this location until the new machines are in place
  • However, enforcement for illegal traffic offences (eg Bus Bay parking, double yellow lines, etc) will continue as normal
  • All other Pay & Display machines are subject to a comprehensive review to ensure they are fit for purpose and will be replaced if necessary
  • For further information please call 01708 432787 [opton2/option1] where an officer will be on hand to deal with any queries

The general guidance if any machine is out of order is that users should see if there is another machine that is working in close vicinity. Close vicinity is defined as within the range of vision from the vehicle. If that machine is also out of order (for example if all three units failed in Aldi Car Park) then no enforcement will be undertaken.

As all machine failures are recorded centrally through a database, should anyone receive a penalty charge notice having followed the above guidance they should appeal asap.

Cllr Linda Hawthorn (Upminster, RA), who has pressed for a solution to the ongoing problem, said: “The continual failure of the machines has been most unhelpful to residents and local shops alike. I am pleased that our efforts to rectify the situation have been met with a purposeful plan and expect the new machines to be in place within a few weeks.”


  • There are 223 Pay& Display machines in the borough
  • All P&D units are monitored centrally in Angel Way and enforcement officers advised via message where machines have failed
  • Users can also report failures by calling 01708 432787
  • Phone & Pay is still operational in all car parking facilities
  • Hilldene (Harold Hill) will also get replacement machines
  1. Change the colours on the buttons Yellow on silver isn’t a good choice especially as they wear out quickly At night almost impossible to distinguish. Black letters and numbers better choice!

  2. So now people who use the station can park on Corbett Tey Road all day long???

  3. For the winter time, the new machines could also do with an illuminated keypad, unless adequately lit by the surrounding lighting

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