Pay & Display Machines Update


Sometimes the pay and display machines become faulty and it can be impossible to get a ticket. The Council  have advised that, in such circumstances, users would be expected to see if other machines are working nearby (ie within the close vicinity). However, where ALL the machines have failed (eg when all machines in a car park are out of order)  then you are able to park for free and should not a get a ticket. Our enforcement officers have been advised and should you receive a ticket in the above circumstances, then an appeal should be lodged.

The council are working with the P&D manufacturers to repair the machines asap.

Cllr Linda Hawthorn

  1. It’s all well and good to walk to the next one but not when the one outside Waitrose is out (again today) then the next one and you have to walk to the third one nearest the lights. These St Mary Lane ones are getting on my nerves!!

  2. The situation with the Waitrose machines has been going on for a couple of weeks now; I have an elderly mother with limited mobility who finds it so much of a challenge to walk up to the other end of the road that she got back into her car and went home! This is just not acceptable, maybe they are hoping people won’t bother going up to the top machine, having walked past 2 non working ones, and then they can ticket the cars and increase their revenue from tickets!!

  3. free parking for local res display a yearly permit free of charge to upminster/cranham who pay council tax

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