Planning applications in Havering

Every week, Havering Council publishes a list of planning applications received within the previous seven days. This is known as the Weekly Planning List.

When a planning application is received, the council have a legal duty to inform people living in surrounding properties, so that they are able to submit comments. Depending on the type and size of application, the council may be required inform people in a wider area.

Following an enquiry from local ward councillors, we have become aware that the number of households informed of a planning application is often much fewer than most people would expect. We have therefore decided to publicise each Weekly Planning List soon after it is published, so that local residents can see whether any planning applications have been submitted near to where they live.

To view the most recent list see the 01-07 June 2021 WPL link.

To view lists of applications going back further, see the Eight Week Planning Applications link.

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