Plastic Bag Tax Set to Double


With the single use plastic bag tax set to increase to 10p, as well as applying to all shops, usage is likely to drop even further since the introduction of the tax in 2015. While this is good for the environment, an added bonus is that good causes have been benefiting from the £105m raised through the charge. However, this could be further improved on three fronts:

1) by making the 10p charge non-vatable, as it is in Northern Ireland, thereby releasing an additional £30 million annually to worthy charitable causes

2) Include plastic bags with no handles, which are currently exempt

3) limit big stores from deducting ‘Admin fees’, as Tesco did last year to the tune of £3.4 million

Tackling plastic bag pollution is a priority for all of us, but let’s make sure the monies raised through the tax is being used for its intended purpose.

Cllr Clarence Barrett

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