Police Update for Upminster and Cranham

By Sgt Ian Bargus

We are very much aware of recent events regarding youths causing antisocial behaviour within the Upminster High Street area as well as the Clayfield Close area, some of these youths are now known to police and we are engaging accordingly to cease this type of continued behaviour.

I have also been advised that some residents have been receiving calls from the ‘Police’ stating that they are from either Croydon or Hammersmith Police fraud squad and have arrested a suspect with the residents credit card or bank details. They then request the resident to confirm all details to them, including PINS and security codes on the reverse of bank cards. THIS IS A SCAM I can assure you that NO OFFICER WOULD MAKE SUCH A CALL please do not give out any details or codes. If in doubt put the phone down and contact the ward team who will advise you.

Upminster and Cranham Safer Neighbourhoods Teams continue to conduct patrols across the wards and update on Twitter. Please feel free to follow them #MPSUpminster and #MPSCranham.

Please report all crime, if it’s happening right now its 999 if it has already happened then its 101. It is important that I’m made aware of your concerns please email upminster.snt@met.police.uk or cranham.snt@met.police.uk

Ian Bargus PS 262 EA

  1. I did report a crime over a week ago and have heard nothing! The website said I would be contacted within 48 hours. I did it online as couldn’t get through on 101.

  2. There is no High Street in Upminster, shows how little the Police know about the area!

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