Pond Walk – A Unique Piece of Local History

The Pond, Pond Walk, Front Lane

The pond at Pond Walk, just off Front Lane, is a unique piece of local history. It appears on early maps and belonged to the previous Cranham Rectory, demolished in the 1920’s, which stood opposite the pond on the other side of Front Lane. It was in fact the Rector’s duck pond.

Over the years the residents of Pond Walk have strived to maintain the health of the pond using their own money and with some very valued financial assistance from the Upminster & Cranham Residents’ Association. We have just completed the rebuild of the duck house island (see image). The materials used were paid for by the Residents’ Association.
Normally at this time of year the pond would be beginning to fill up with winter rain from a drain outside no.2, which channels all the water from Pond Walk into the pond. Sadly, the pipe from this drain has been unavoidably damaged by passing vehicles running over the grass verge. We are hoping this can be rectified with the assistance of the Residents’ Association.
B. Orris, resident of Pond Walk.
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  1. So who owns the pond.? I’ve often wondered of it’s history.thankyou for the information.

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