Proposed Road Closures to Tackle Fly-Tipping – Your Views Invited

Fly TippingFollowing numerous incidents of large scale fly-tipping, the Council are inviting views of residents regarding proposals to close roads in Sunnings Lane and Little Gerpins Lane.

Please click HERE to view the plans and to submit any comments to the consultation (by 4th August), this can be done by email to

Following consultation, the proposals will then be placed before the Highways Advisory Committee on 5th September for further consideration.

The measures include a width restriction at the Southern end of Sunnings Lane and a closure from the junction with Dennises Lane to Sullens Farm. Little Gerpins Lane would also be closed to traffic from the junction with Berwick Pond Road to Bonnetts Wood, Upminster.


  1. How about actually doing something to catch the people that dump, rather then ruining it for the locals by closing the roads? There has been no cameras to stop it, yet the amount it costs to clear the rubbish, you could’ve installed cameras and caught the perpetrators by now..

    • That would be an ideal scenario, unfortunately the gangs who are responsible for these huge fly tips use false number plates or stolen vehicles. Having said that, when they are caught it is important that the punishments handed down are far more tougher than at present.

  2. It’s good to know this is getting consideration but I just fear they would go and tip in another location without the access restrictions.

  3. Instead of closing, how about proper width restrictions to stop large lorries driving down them.

    Yes small Vans will still be able to fly tip, but it will prevent a container loads being dumped.

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