Protect Your Home by Protecting Your Garden

Unfortunately there have been a number of recent reports of burglary to homes where initial entry has been gained to the rear garden, sometimes via fields or shared alleyways. Below are some tips on ways you can stop someone getting into your garden and therefore reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime.

For further advice on home security and many other crime prevention subjects visit the Metropolitan Police Crime Prevention website via this link.

1) Protect your property by keeping hedges, walls and fences around your back garden high (1.8 metres or over).

2) Side gates should also be at least 1.8m high and fitted as close to the front building line as possible. Keep side gates locked at all times. Open gates mean burglars can easily access the rear of your home without being seen by passers-by or neighbours.

3) Add lightweight trellis to gates and fences (including between gardens). You can grow prickly climbing plants along them to give extra protection.

4) Fix fence panels together so that they cannot be lifted up to gain access underneath.

5) Create a natural defence against burglary by planting shrubs (in their mature or semi mature form) along garden walls and fences to make it harder for burglars to access your property. To maximise this effect plant them close to each other.

6) Install an outside security light so that intruders can’t approach without being seen.

7) Install a good quality intruder alarm system.

8) Secure shed doors and windows. Often sheds contain valuables or tools that could be used to break into your home.

9) Don’t leave upper floor windows open at night or if you are out, especially if they are next to a flat or sloping roof.

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