Further information on each councillor is available on the London Borough of Havering website, by clicking on individual names.



Cllr Linda Hawthorn    01708 225 451    lindahawthorn@hotmail.co.uk

Linda has been a councillor for Upminster Ward for thirty years and is currently the Leader of the Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Group. She has served on a wide range of committees and currently sits on the Strategic Planning, Governance, and Overview and Scrutiny committees. Linda is passionate on animal welfare issues and takes an active interest in our local heritage and open spaces. She is a member of the Havering Sports Council and is an active member of the Upminster Windmill Trust. Linda is also the Secretary for the Friends of Parklands and Chairman of The Friends of Clockhouse Gardens. An ardent supporter of Upminster Town Centre, Linda has worked on the Christmas Lights event for a number of years .


Cllr Ron Ower    07721 780 372    councillorron.ower@havering.gov.uk

Ron has lived locally for 47 years and represented Cranham from 1978 to 1990 as a councillor, when he did not seek re-election due to his career in the Forest Industry, which involved extensive travel around Europe and the UK. Following retirement, Ron was re-elected as a councillor in 2010 for Upminster Ward. He has served on a number of Council committees and currently sits on the Joint Venture Working Party and Pensions Committees. Ron is a former active member of the Cranham Community Association, who were successful in opening the Cranham Community Centre, and previously edited ‘The Bulletin’ for the Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association for over 25 years. Ron is a keen fan of the theatre and music.


Cllr Chris Wilkins    07960 059 195    councillorchristopher.wilkins@havering.gov.uk

Chris was elected onto the Council in May 2018 and serves on the Highways’ Advisory Committee, the Overview and Scrutiny Board and the Town and Communities Overview Scrutiny Committee. He also takes an active interest in Council finances. Chris has a wealth of experience following a career in the Public Sector, specialising in the housing field, having worked at a senior level for a number of Councils and Housing Associations. He is the Chairman and Deputy Leader of the Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association  and the Upminster Organiser for The Bulletin. He is heavily involved with council/community matters within Upminster Ward and serves on the Coopers Company and Coborn Educational Foundation.



Cllr Gillian Ford    01708 641 317    councillorgillian.ford@havering.gov.uk

Gillian FordA graduate in Humanities and a councillor since 2002, Gillian is a member of a number of Council committees. She also holds several external posts, including being a trustee of Havering Theatre Trust and on the Cranham Police Ward Panel. Outside of Havering, Gillian has roles with the City and Regions Board, EU Exit Delivery Board, LGA Brexit Task Force and on the EU Committee of the Regions. She is also a Member Peer with the Local Government Association and a Champion in Mental Health, Dementia and Domestic Violence. A founder of the Upminster Dementia Choir, Gillian is currently Chair of ‘Havering’s Residents’ Associations’.


Cllr John Tyler    07982 962 925    johntylerucresidents@outlook.com

A former police officer, John worked in Newham for 12 years before transferring to Havering in 1999. He later specialised as a Designing Out Crime Officer, working with the building industry to incorporate crime reduction measures in new developments. He left the Met in 2017 and now works locally. John is married with two children, who attend local schools. He was first elected as a councillor in 2018 and sits on the Planning and Licensing committees and is a member of the Crime and Disorder sub-Committee. John edits the UCRA website and has a keen interest in football history.


Cllr Linda Van den Hende    01708 223 761    lindavandenhende@btinternet.com

Apart from a very short break, Linda has been a Residents’ Association councillor since 2006. Linda has served on various council committees and was Mayor of Havering for 2017/18. A retired HR Director in both Local Government and the Metropolitan Police, she has also been a magistrate and is a member of the Upminster Police Ward Panel. Linda is a Regional Peer for the Local Government Association and the Chair of the Patient Partnership Council for BHRUT. She is also a trustee of both ‘First Step’ and ‘Havering Volunteer Centre’ charities, with her fundraising activities including abseiling and parachuting.