Report a Pothole Here!

Following the spell of snow and ice, potholes and defective pavements are much more evident right across the borough.

To report a pothole or pavement defect HERE




  1. Please attend to the pot hole at the Cranham end of Eversleigh Gardens ( just after the bend coming from Upminster end) towards the end by the fork of the road with Ingrebourne

  2. Near 34 Recreation Avenue Harold Wood

  3. Peterborough Avenue Cranham, has a large number of pot holes, especially outside numbers 19 & 21

  4. Hi, Meadowside Road is littered with pot holes. Once they are filled they come back a month later. At what point do the re-surface the road? The condition of the road is one of the worst in Upminster that I have seen.

  5. Deep pothole in Severn Drive on the left as you turn into the road from Avon Road. At least three inches at the edge, probably deeper in the middle but it’s full of water so I couldn’t see.

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