Reporting potholes to Havering Council

As everyone knows, at this time of year there are a lot of potholes appearing.

The best way to report potholes and damaged pavements to Havering Council is online via this link.

  1. Good morning, I wish to report 4/5 potholes in the road outside no 374 Wingletye Lane, RM11 3BU —– the effected area is approx 2m by 1.5m around a concrete slab in the middle one side of the road.

    In the evening when traffic is less —– the speed of lorries /cars hit the potholes and SHACK MY HOUSE —– I hear the roof of my house crack and feel the floors shack. PLEASE could you fill the potholes in.

    Many thanks ……..

  2. Thank you Sir,
    I should add at this point —— that when the County park housing estate was built ( way back when ) they put a waste pipe approx 2 feet dia under my house from the main pipe in the road the complete length of my garden and on to the houses at the rear of my house into the county park houses.

    I have lived at 376 for the past 46 years and never had a problem BUT these potholes are a real problem .

    I thank you in anticipation of your reply…………………

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