Save Our Shops (S.O.S.) Campaign – Redbridge Lead the Way

Upminster and Cranham Resident’s Association councillors, together with their RA colleagues across most of Havering, have joined together to once again call on Havering’s current Conservative Administration to bring back the free 30-minute parking in Hornchurch and Upminster and review their whole parking charges strategy. This comes as it has been announced that Redbridge Council are introducing one hour free on-street parking across the borough in their meter controlled zones in a bid to boost Redbridge’s shops and businesses.

The majority of Havering’s Resident Associations had their joint alternative budget rejected at the February Full Council Budget Setting meeting, by the Conservative’s and the three Harold Wood independent councillors who voted with them. The alternative budget would have seen the retention of the free 30-minute parking.

For details of Redbridge’s new policy see this Ilford Recorder article. For a further details of our local Resident Associations views see the Havering Daily online article.

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  1. Household garden waste collection in Redbridge is free of charge and council tax is lower. Band D in Redbridge is £1,626.37 whereby in Havering band D is £1,728.66.
    In Havering the discount for green wheely bins for OAPs was stopped a couple years ago.
    What with the cessation of the free 30 minute parking in Upminster and Hornchurch, I feel we are being ripped off all round in Havering by this Tory administration!

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