Save Our Shops (SOS) Protest – Update

Thank you to everyone who came to the protest against the parking charges outside Romford Town Hall on Wednesday night. We could hear you loud and clear inside the council chamber!

At around 10pm, the Hornchurch Residents’ Association (HRA) motion calling for a review of the new parking charges and the adverse effect they are having, was heard. Unfortunately the debate was cut short due to lack of time (The HRA had earlier called for it to be brought forward to enable a full debate but this was defeated by the Conservatives after a vote).

A vote was taken on the Conservative amendment that stated that “This Council notes that vibrancy of town centres is determined by a range of factors, including external environmental improvements, and welcomes the commitment of the Administration to bring forward plans to support our town centres as a destination of choice.”

This amendment was opposed by the Residents’ Association councillors from Hornchurch, Cranham, Upminster and South Hornchurch, plus the Labour Party councillors but passed by a combination of Conservative councillors and the three Harold Wood ward councillors. This meant that the HRA motion was never voted upon as it had effectively already been defeated.

In a nutshell, the Administration once again ignored what is obvious to all of us who live or work in Hornchurch and Upminster – That our shops and businesses are suffering and something needs to be done about it and soon.

However, the fight will go on………..

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