Save Our Shops (SOS) – Public Protest 10th July

The Residents’ Associations of Hornchurch, Emerson Park and Upminster & Cranham have launched a joint ‘SOS’ campaign – Save Our Shops, calling for the return of the free 30-minute parking in Upminster and Hornchurch, which was abolished in early June.

As part of the campaign, they are asking businesses and residents to join in a Public Protest on Wed 10th July at 6.45pm in the Romford Town Hall Car Park, before the July Full Council Meeting.  

The Conservative Administration, supported by the Harold Wood ward councillors, voted in increases to car parking charges at the February Budget Setting meeting, despite opposition from Residents’ Associations councillors from Hornchurch, Upminster & Cranham, South Hornchurch and Rainham. Since then, Residents’ Association Councillors have been receiving daily communications from people angry about the loss of the free 30 minutes, the charge for parking after 6.30pm and the new Sunday charge. Shops have already noticed a marked drop off in footfall and the car parks are visibly empty.

The Town Hall has plenty of parking and is only a few yards from the bus stop outside Romford Library, served by the 248 bus route which runs through Cranham, Upminster and Hornchurch.

If you really care about our town centres, come and join people from across the borough on the 10th July and help SAVE OUR SHOPS!

  1. Is there a reason why the RA does not post information such as this on the Upminster facebook page? It would help broadcast information to those in the local area.

    • Dear Tim,

      The campaign was launched last Friday and posted on local Facebook group pages. This should have included Upminster, Upminster and Cranham, The Cranham and Dury Falls. I did not post the messages myself but I have seen the campaign being talked about on these sites, including screen shots of the poster.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

  2. Many thanks to our Residents Councillors who tried to stop the scrapping of the free period at the February Council budget meeting.Sadly Conservative Councillors took the free period away.
    It is worth looking at articles on this in earlier this year’s Bulletins.
    Henry Law

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