Serious fly-tipping in Aveley Road, Upminster

Since April, Havering Council have been dealing with an extremely serious fly-tipping incident in Aveley Road, Upminster, in the garden of one of the houses near to the entrance to Damyns Hall aerodrome. Anyone who has driven past there in the last three months would have had little difficulty in spotting it.

Upminster Ward councillors have been in regular contact with the council to ensure that the waste is removed as soon as possible.

This week they received an update from council officers, who stated that following an earlier court hearing, the occupier of the house had been instructed to remove the waste by 04 June. As this has not happened, the council are now preparing to return to court to seek authority for Havering to remove the waste themselves and reclaim all costs from the person responsible.

We will keep you informed of further updates when we have them.

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