Sunnings Lane Road Closure

I am pleased to say that the Highways committee agreed to the closure of Sunnings Lane. The scheme was first mooted a number of years ago, as residents were concerned about the traffic speeding through the rural part of the lane and not slowing when reaching houses.  Sadly, the various motions put forward were not agreed by a majority if the councillors on the various committees. When the road became blighted by fly-tipping it was felt that the cost of closing the lane was less that the constant removal of the tipping, so the scheme was resurrected, and this time has been successful. Ideas such as CCTV cameras do not tend to work effectively as false number plates are often used by the culprits.

Cllr Linda Hawthorn 



  1. I Hope the road will be closed by bollards preventing vehicle access but allowing use by walkers and cyclists

  2. This is great news .
    I understand that walkers and cyclists will be able to use the road.
    Really good news…

  3. Nice one, cycled here yesterday and it was so peaceful with the closure in place.

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