Tackling Fly Tipping

Fly TippingFly tipping is not only a blight on our landscape but costs Havering council tax payers around £750,000 per year to deal with.

We recently presented a motion to Havering Council expressing our concerns to Government that there is currently no specific fixed penalty for the offence of fly tipping, instead it involves a lengthy and expensive process of prosecution which is far from an efficient or good use of resources. Our motion requested that a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £1,000 be created, that full costs of successful prosecutions are awarded to councils and that a national strategy of sharing best practice be considered – something which could be paid for from the 5p charge for single use plastic bags due to come into effect in October.

We shall see how the government respond, but in the meantime, if you see fly tipping do report it to Havering Council.

Cllr Clarence Barrett


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