Take the Upminster Circular Walk

wheat fieldWe are lucky in Upminster and Cranham to be close enough to London but far enough to enjoy beautiful countryside and nature walks. The Upminster Circular walk is a gently undulating terrain with mostly well-defined unsurfaced footpaths, plus some short sections on roads and a number of stiles and gates. Songbirds and wild flowers are abundant in the nature reserves while wetland birds and dragonflies are found along the Ingrebourne.

The picture depicts a wheatfield near Pike Lane.

To find out more visit http://www.wildessex.net/walks/EL4.html

  1. The Upminster Circular Walk …
    In the Pat, someone, (or a group) has put a lot of effort into this.
    The C-19 emergency has enabled us to discover it.
    Do you know it’s history?
    How were the signs financed?
    Ann & Nick B

    • Dear Ann and Nick,

      This post was from 2015 and I’m afraid that we don’t have any further information. However, there is a ‘Contacts’ page on the website accessed via the link.

      Kind regards

      John Tyler

    • Dear Ann & Nick, please could you give me details for the Upminster circular walk, thank you.

  2. past! Who is Pat?!!

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