The National Census – 21 March 2021

Households in Cranham and Upminster should be receiving a posted card over the next couple of weeks, advertising the forthcoming national census, which will take place on 21 March 2021.

The census has been undertaken every ten years since 1841 (except in 1941) and is a detailed snapshot of the United Kingdom and its population. The information gained during the 2011 census is still being used today and it is therefore important that this is now updated with how the country has changed in the last decade.

The information collected is used for statistical analysis. None is published in a way that can identify individual people or households. Examples of how the census information is used include –

  • Planning and development
  • Public health and social care
  • Education
  • Transport
  • Housing

The Office of National Statistics, who are responsible for the census, are encouraging people to complete it online this time. However, they recognise that there will be people who are unable or do not wish to do it this way, and there are therefore several other methods of completing the census, including requesting a paper copy.

Over the next few weeks households will receive an invitation pack, containing a unique code to complete the census online, plus details of the other methods available. A small number of households may automatically receive a paper copy of the census to fill out. However, these households can still complete it online.

Although the census is for the specific date of 21 March 2021, it can be completed at any time from 01 March to 04 May 2021. For those completing the census in advance, if any information submitted changes by 21 March, it is possible to amend the submission.

From late March, teams of field staff will be contacting households who have not completed the census, including knocking on doors. However, they will maintain social distancing and none of their representatives will ask to come inside any homes. Please be aware of bogus callers. As always, if you are concerned that any caller may not be genuine, do not give them any personal information and do not let them into your home.

It is important that as many households as possible complete the survey and therefore under the terms of the 1920 Census Act, fines can be issued for non-completion. In 2011, Havering had the highest response rate of any of the London Boroughs, at 95%.

For further information, visit or ring 0800 141 2021. A language helpline number is also available on 0800 587 2021.

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