Thefts of vehicles in Upminster

The Upminster Police Safer Neighbourhood Team have advised that there have recently been several thefts of motor vehicles in the area and have given the following advice –

“As we come out of Lockdown crime is likely to increase. If you have a keyless car please consider buying a Faraday bag and go back to basics by buying a steering wheel lock.”

For further advice on vehicle security visit the Met Police website –  .

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  1. thx for the great advice!!!!! how about we start looking in to this plague more seriously and try and do some crime prevention and not leave the responsibility entirely on the hard working long suffering tax paying citizen after all last I checked we do pay Taxes for a service that after all this time should be able to get on top of this continuous crimewave but yet repeatedly fails to do so and just limits itself in offering patronizing useless advice.

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