Trees Protected at Upminster Park – Update

red oak

Red Oak Tree in Upminster Park

A number of things are happening in our park – as readers will have noticed.

I am really pleased to report that a number of trees in the Park have now received Tree Preservation Orders. This is very good news as they are now protected and cannot be removed without very exceptional reasons. The order relates to two Oak trees, three Lime trees, One Red Oak tree, One Beech tree and One Cedar tree. Please click up park trees to see the official notices and locations.

The play area has been refurbished with new swings, slides,  etc, and the roundabout repaired .  The remaining equipment has been repainted and the railings also spruced up – this was done in time for the summer holidays  and hopefully meets with the children’s approval.

Another matter concerns the area around the contamination sheds .The Leylandi trees behind the New Windmill Hall will be removed, and this will open up the stage area for open air productions, also film nights.

The huts themselves are the cause for controversy – they were built as contamination huts during WW2, in case they were needed, as during WW1 there were a number of gas attacks – as it proved, they were never needed in WW2.  Now idle, and perhaps not the prettiest of sites, they are still part of our history, but do people want to keep them, or think of a new use, or turn into another car-park area?

A consultation/exhibition exercise will take place in the next few months,  and we will tell readers when. In the meanwhile, get your thinking caps on, and any ideas, please let me know.

Cllr Linda Hawthorn

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