Meetings to Discuss Safer Parking at Engayne and James Oglethorpe Schools

school zizEngayne Primary School and James Oglethorpe Primary School in Upminster, are among six primary schools in Havering piloting a new initiative to tackle the problem of dangerous parking outside schools.

Residents can find out more at two meetings being held at each school on:

Engayne Primary School, Tuesday 19 April, 4pm – 6pm, Parents Drop In Session.

6pm – 8pm, Residents’ Drop In Session.

James Oglethorpe Primary School, Monday 25 April, 4pm – 7pm, Residents’ Drop In Session.

Tuesday 26 April, 4pm – 7pm, Parents Drop In Session.

A key part of the scheme is introducing a Public Space Protection Order under the Crime and Policing Act 2014, enforced by fixed CCTV cameras, with offending motorists fined £100 for each offence, with the threat of criminal prosecution for repeat offences.  

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