UCRA Response to Boundary Commission draft proposals

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) are currently undertaking a review of the ward boundaries and councillor numbers in Havering. Earlier this year they published their draft recommendations, which were to keep the same total number of councillors as present (54) but to make major changes to some of the ward boundaries and create two new wards, one in central Romford and the other in the south-west of the borough.

The LGBCE proposals recommended reducing the number of councillors in Upminster Ward from three to two and for the ward to contract in size, with Cranham Ward keeping three councillors but expanding to include North Ockendon and the surrounding areas. Part of the Corbets Tey area would move into Rainham and Wennington Ward and the Dury Falls Estate into Emerson Park. Local RA councillors received numerous comments from residents objecting to some of these proposals.

The consultation period for responses ended earlier this week and the Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association (UCRA) submitted a detailed response.

Reluctantly accepting that the LGBCE were unlikely to reverse their decision to reduce the total number of councillors over the two wards from six to five, or to keep the Dury Falls Estate within Cranham Ward, our proposal is for Upminster and Cranham wards to have relatively minor changes to their current boundaries but for Cranham to reduce from three to two councillors, while Upminster remains at three. This would give a far better geographical and community balance than the LGBCE proposals, and would allow the whole of the Corbets Tey area and local rural communities to remain within Upminster Ward.

To view the full UCRA response document see ‘UCRA response to Boundary Commission draft proposals – LB Havering‘  .

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