Uncertainty over Dial-a-Ride evening services

A local resident has contacted our colleagues at the Residents’ Association of Emerson Park, to highlight the uncertainty over evening Dial-a-Ride services.

Dial-a-Ride is operated by Transport for London (TfL), and used to operate late into the evening as well as during the day. Since COVID restrictions were eased, Dial a Ride has only been running between 8am and 8pm. Before the pandemic, the service was apparently running until around 11pm, so they could pick up members who may have attended a social evening, such as a show at the Queens Theatre etc.

The resident contacted Dial-a-Ride to ask when they were reinstating their full service and received the following response:

‘We are still receiving less than 50% of our pre-pandemic journey requests. This, along with changing travel patterns, means we need to manage our service very carefully, and analyse any proposed changes thoroughly. We are currently looking at extending the service hours to 22.00, and hope to reach a decision within the next four weeks.’

If you are someone who uses Dial-a-Ride, or used to before the pandemic, and would find it useful to be able to book a ride after 8pm, you can contact them to let them know. The more people who do this, the more likely they are to re-instate their later services.

To contact TfL Dial-a-Ride, e-mail them at dar@tfl.gov.uk , call them on 0343 222 77 77 or write to them at PO Box 68799, London SE1P 4RD. You can also visit their website – tfl.gov.uk/modes/dial-a-ride/  .

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