Upminster Dementia Choir

Councillor Gillian Ford has announced that she is just about to launch the Upminster Dementia Choir.

If you are living with dementia (or you know a friend or family member that is) and you or they would like to join the choir, please contact Cllr Ford on 01708 641 317 or e-mail councillorgillian.ford@havering.gov.uk . If you have already messaged or emailed her, she will be in touch.

The first meeting will be on Tuesday 18th June at All Saints Church Hall, The Chase, Upminster at 10.30am for tea, coffee and biscuits and 11.00-12.00am choir. There is a nominal charge of £1.00 per person.

  1. I saw on FACEBOOK YIU ARE HOLDING your meetings on skype. I looked on yiur web site for details with no luck. My mum usually attends Romford singing for THE Brain and I am having difficulty keeping her entertained at home as day care and lunch clubs are all closed. Could you give Me details for joining please


    • Dear Pauline,

      I will pass on your message to Cllr Gillian Ford, who will reply to you direct.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

  2. Hello.
    My wife, Mary, has dimentia. She loves music, and when we used to go to the Cranham and upminster over 60s club (pre covid) she used to dance along with the musician. Similarly when she attended sessions at hopwa house.
    Unfortunstely, she has difficulty with speaking now, but does try to follow any singing on TV.
    It’sjust possble that trying to sing in company may help her condition.

    • Hello John,

      I have passed on your message to Gillian Ford. She will contact you direct.

      Kind regards

      Cllr John Tyler

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