Upminster LU Depot Works – Update

Upminster LU Depot, Front Lane

As residents will be aware, works to the Upminster LU Depot in Front Lane have been ongoing for several years. While the project is still due to finish in early 2020, TfL have advised of the following works to be carried out over the next year:

  • Extending the two track maintenance roads by 64 metres
  • Upgrading all electrical and mechanical equipment including roller doors
  • Deepening the pit in one depot house
  • New platforms and lighting in the cleaning shed
  • New pipework and systems to aid trains screen wash facilities

If you have any queries or complaints please contact TfL at:

Phone: 0343 222 1234 (24 hours)

Online: Tfl.gov.uk/contact

Write: TfL Customer Services, 4th Floor, 14 Pier Walk, London, SE10 0ES

  1. Is there any way they could have the workmen parking on site instead of clogging the local area?

  2. Disable people can’t park near shop, with the clogging in the road!!!

  3. I agree as this may be affecting local businesses. What has happened to Twitter goue parking only

  4. Absolutely spot on Chris, I have a pic taken last year with 7 of their vans parked outside Cranham shops….

  5. Parking issues to continue then and irritate the local residents and effect those wanting to support local shops. Never seen any apology for this or solutions being offered.

  6. I agree with the parking issue, when I go to work in the morning all their service vehicles park out side the shops and normally stay there all day, which prevents disabled or elderly locals using the shops. I appreciate they have to park somewhere but they are able bodied and there is plenty of on street parking in local streets! Perhaps a max 2 hour parking immediately outside the shops?

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