Upminster People 2018 – Half Way Exhibition.

13th – 16th September at Roomes 130th Anniversary Event

If you think you have been snapped by Upminster Camera Club (UCC) this year, then you may find yourself at the Roomes 130th Anniversary Event

Roomes have been such a fundamental element of Upminster’s Town Centre and are the reason why many people come to Upminster from far and wide. 

From an early stage, the stores embraced the ambitious project by UCC to photograph people that live, work or pass through Upminster during the whole of 2018.

The project will culminate in a 6-week exhibition next year at the Havering Museum and the photographs will then be archived by Havering’s Family History Department for future generation to discover and enjoy.

The Club was excited to be invited to exhibit work so far, as part of Roomes 130 years Anniversary. 

Come and see us just by the Roomes Restaurant on September 13th and 14th and in the Furniture Store on September 15th and 16th for the Half Way Exhibition!

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