Upminster Police Meeting – Update

A meeting was held this afternoon (16/3/18) attended by the Julia Lopez MP, Cllr Ron Ower, Cllr Linda Van den Hende along with a Police Inspector, sergeant, constables, PCSOs and Cllr Jason Frost. Also in attendance were seven residents who had written to the MP requesting a meeting to discuss crime and anti-Social Behaviour in Upminster.

The main points to come out of the meeting were as follows:

  • Concerns expressed over lack of police numbers and presence in the area
  • Concerns expressed that people are travelling into the area to commit crime
  • Police stated that the crime figures recorded for the area were not high
  • Crimes reported on social media were not always reported to Police
  • It is important that crimes are reported to police
  • More police officers will only be allocated if there is evidence that crime is escalating, so a case be made
  • Response times which dipped as the Tri-borough policing structure was being piloted have now returned to pre-pilot timings
  • The Police are working to improve 101 call handling
  • Residents encouraged to join Police Ward Panels and StreetWatch
  • Concerns expressed regarding what value for money Upminster and Cranham residents are getting for their Council Tax
  • ShopWatch initiative discussed (linking businesses in the area to alerts)
  • Suggestion that the monthly Residents’ Association Bulletin could carry a Police Column with contact details – we are happy to do this.

The top message to come out of the meeting is that crime needs to be reported, either through 101, dedicated police team number or on-line HERE.

Telephone for Upminster Safer Neighbourhood Team – 0208 721 2726 email Upminster.snt@met.police.uk
Telephone for Cranham Safer Neighbourhood Team –  0208 721 2578 email Cranham.snt@met.police.uk

If it is an emergency, call 999.

Cllr Ron Ower

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  1. It’s common knowledge now that criminals are targeting the town because it is such an easy touch. We have daily incidents of shop theft and assaults by the same people to go alongside the odd mugging.

    Policing is this country has become a joke with absolutely NO visible deterrents in our town. The key to policing is preventing it from happening, not letting it happen and then shrugging shoulders when the assailants have long gone.

    The Government needs to completely reverse their cuts to the force in recent years and get Officers back on the beat. Even the PCO’s were better than nothing.

    What exactly do we get for our ever increasing Council Tax?

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