Upminster’s Own Weather Station

alan paul (2)Talking about the weather is always a good conversation filler, but for local resident Alan Paul (pictured), of Brunswick Avenue, Cranham, monitoring and predicting the weather is something of a passion.

Alan, who recently gave a presentation of his work to the Cranham Residents’ Association, has a dedicated website for Upminster weather at www.upminsterweather.co.uk . He writes a forecast twice a day which is automatically uploaded to the Met Office.

Alan uses his data collection to provide detailed forecasts and historical weather checks for a variety of clients.

To find out more about the Upminster Weather Station click HERE.


  1. I really appreciate his passion on weather. I am myself a weather enthusiast and really love getting to know about such legends.

  2. His passion is amazing. I also always learn and search for such devices.

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