Verge Damage

A pleasant feature of our area is the extent of grass verges alongside our roads and pavements. However, all too often these are being churned up by unauthorised vehicles, often causing extensive damage to our pavements at the same time. Repair and reinstatement is an expensive business and we shouldn’t just expect council tax payers to pay up. The Residents’ Association endorse a much more vigorous regime of accountability is applied, for example enforcing a condition of planning permission or of utility works, so that any damage is repaired and paid for by those who cause it and not by everyone else.

Cllr Clarence Barrett


  1. Totally agree

  2. The repairs to the grass verges in Queens Gardens by the gas company following their works merely consisted of throwing down a few handfuls of grass seed!

  3. I reported damage outside my elderly neighbours house a month back and nothing has been done. I suggested putting bollards there to stop passing traffic doing this but was told it would cause a maintenance issue?! This is a common occurrence in my road and there’s no way we could make the perpetrator pay unless they are caught in the act

  4. Totally agree.

  5. The gas company left Queens Gardens in a right state its disgusting, it will take years for it to recover

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