Waste collections starting at 6am on 11-12 August 2022

Local councillors were informed of the following message by Havering Council today (Wednesday 10 August 2022) –

‘Due to the higher temperatures again forecast for the back end of this week, waste and recycling collections will commence an hour earlier, from 6am this Thursday and Friday. This is to allow our crews to work in lower temperatures earlier in the day.

The council have been contacted by Residents’ Association councillors to express concern at the late notice of this decision and the difficulty in communicating the message to those residents likely to be affected.

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  1. At 0710 today (Thursday, my collection day), being completely unaware of this, I was bagging my rubbish when I heard the collection vehicle nearby. I rushed out asap and chased after it, but it quickly disappeared without trace – presumably having found less than usual to collect. Normally our collection takes place reliably at about 0820, and even when we were given warning of an “early” collection, during the previous heatwave, it was precisely an hour early, at 0720.

    As a result I’m left with a smelly black bag which I’ll have to store in a hot shed for a week. Well done for complaining about this; I have every sympathy with the collection crews whose job few others would be willing to do, but what an appalling failure of communication by our council.

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