‘We Are 500’ events at Damyns Hall Aerodrome

The organisers of the We Are FSTVL have announced that they will be holding a series of small-scale open air events over the next few weeks at the Damyns Hall Aerodrome site. Entitled ‘We Are 500’, they will each have an audience of just under 500, socially distanced at tables of a maximum of six people each. There will be table service for food and drinks.

The events will not have any live singing, and will be music and comedy themed, with an age restriction of 18 years and over.

The events will be held over five weekends in the seven weeks between 28 August and 10 October 2020, and will run on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On each day, there are likely to be two separate events, the first running from midday until 5pm and the second from 5.30pm to 10.30pm.

No public transport will be provided to and from the events but parking will be available.

Tickets are due to go on sale later this week.



  1. So 15000 people will be coming to Upminster over the course of 5 weekends and our wonderful Council think this is a good idea during a pandemic?
    This surely isn’t serious is it?

  2. Unbelievable.

  3. Sounds to me that this is something the Association should have a view on, rather than just putting it in the News Section as a sort of free advert. Something like this is bound to be divisive, but if the RA support it they should say so and inform everyone, so they can make their own decisions at election time.

    • Dear Paul,

      Thank you for your comment. This post was entered to provide information to readers on the proposed events. The Residents’ Association has had no input on the decision to hold the events or whether they should be allowed to go ahead.

      The events were applied for under ‘Temporary Events Notices’ legislation and, as such, RA councillors were not informed by Havering Council, as they are not required to do so. The legislation states that ‘The council cannot refuse a notice unless the police or environmental health object to it.’ No-one else, including councillors, are allowed any input in the decision. For full details of the legislation see – http://www.gov.uk/temporary-events-notice .’

      Residents Association councillors are now liaising with Havering Council to make sure efforts are taken to ensure public safety.

      Cllr John Tyler (Cranham Ward)

      • Hi John,
        I appreciate the Council have limited powers in this matter, and the RA as a single group even less so.
        The TENs legislation is not appropriate here as there must be a 24 hour gap between events, which would suggest a Friday lunchtime event could only be followed by a Saturday evening one and then nothing more until Monday. Also, the 500 number includes staff.
        Nonetheless, a view would be interesting? Do you support the creeping intensification of use at Damyns or are they to be fully welcomed into the local business community?

        • Hello Paul,

          Re the Residents’ Association’s opinion of operations and events at Damyns Hall, I will ask one the the Upminster Councillors to reply to you. Regarding the TENs, my understanding is that the whole weekend is considered as a single event, as TENs legislation allows for up to seven days for an event. With regard to the 500 maximum, you are correct. The maximum would be 500 at any one time, including staff.

          Cllr John Tyler

          • Hello again John,
            The Council are very naive if they accept that an event there runs for up to 7 days. Look at the advert; “The events will be held over five weekends in the seven weeks between 28 August and 10 October 2020, and will run on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On each day, there are likely to be two separate events, the first running from midday until 5pm and the second from 5.30pm to 10.30pm.”
            These are clearly portrayed as 15 separate events and I dare say that is the way tickets will be sold.

  4. Some sort of small shuttle transport should be organised, there’s no real safe footpath in the lanes.

    Neither for the lanes or side streets to become a parking lot.

  5. So, 5 weekends of relentless noise and travel chaos due to no organisation…

    Start your engines people…We are delighted to announce our brand new socially distanced outdoor event series… We Are 500! ???

    500 guests ✔️ 5 weeks ✔️Massive main stage ✔️ The worlds biggest DJs ✔️ Pods of 6 on spacious tables with umbrellas ✔️ Lineup and tickets on sale this week. ✔️ Only 500 tickets per show!

  6. Surely this is illegal? In these times if a world pandemic how can this be happening. It’s putting the residents and shoppers of Upminster in harms way.

  7. It’s funny as the same people who were moaning about the summer prom over Langtons being cancelled are now moaning about a socially distanced small scale festival. stinks of double standards.

  8. So we can’t hold a wedding of 100 people, socially distanced, at tables of 6 or under but they can have several lots of 500 people!
    I just received an e-mail from Havering Council saying we’ve all got to be extra careful as the rate in Havering is rising. So will Havering council take responsibility for allowing this event to happen?

    I’m speechless!

  9. Anyone holding a gathering of more than 30 people now faces a fine of £10,000. Over the weekend we saw news reports of teenagers being fined £10,000 for holding house parties so we know that the Police can – and will – exercise these powers when they need to.

    so Police will be notified.

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