What and Where to Recycle?

There is a wide range of materials that can be recycled, and even some which can’t, but it can be like navigating a maze in sorting the different items and where they can be recycled.

Whether it is oil, cardboard, building materials, batteries, food, metal or chemicals, the range of recyclable materials stretches beyond what can be collected in the orange bags. In order to help, the council website includes a useful programme where you can select a specific item to recycle, your location and it will tell you the nearest places that the item can be recycled.

To use the programme, see HERE.

The Council also produce lots of general information on recycling, see HERE.



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  1. We really do need to recycle more plastic materials in this borough. Essex Council recycle much more than we do and they are only a few miles away. Why can we not use their facilities for recycling?

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