Winter Gritting Routes in Havering

With the onset of winter and the first fall of snow today, the Council relies on its Winter Service Plan which aims to prioritise the gritting of roads in order to keep the borough moving during the season. The 2017/18 Winter Service Plan gives a detailed list of roads which are catergorised as Priority 1 or Priority 2. To view the full list click HERE. While there is over 200 miles of roadway and pavements in Havering and a limited amount of gritters, it is important that a prioritised plan is in place and used to best effect. Just a note that the yellow grit boxes scattered around the borough are for use on the public highway and not for private use.

Advice on the best and safest way to clear snow and ice yourself is available from the government HERE.



  1. I appreciate that not every road can be gritted but Park Drive in Upminster is a very busy cut through road and is always like an ice rink and extremely dangerous. Therefore I feel this should be put on the route, if not now maybe in the future.

  2. I dont think i have ever seen a gritter down st marys lane and have complained so many time especially near the bus stops which are a main link for the older generation trying to get there food shopping.

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