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The Local Government Association (LGA), to which all elected local councillors are automatically members, recently commissioned a nationwide survey into whether the pandemic has altered the way people think about their local areas and whether it has changed the way communities behave.

The results found that for most people, the last year has reinforced their existing views rather than altered them. For instance, respondents typically said that the best things were people, green spaces, access to amenities, diversity and vibrancy. The worst things were often anti-social behaviour, crime, traffic, potholes and a lack of community feel. Changes in behaviour included more online shopping but also making a point of shopping on the local high street, to support local businesses.

In Cranham and Upminster, some but not all of these things are likely to apply. Whilst we are not conducting a survey, your Upminster and Cranham Residents’ Association councillors are always interested to hear your views on our local area. Please use the contact form on our website, or phone or e-mail any of the UCRA councillors via the details on our Councillors page.

Upminster and Cranham Residents' Association

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